5 reasons to buy your glasses online!


Okay so let's address that big fat elephant in the room...

Why on earth would anyone buy their prescription glasses online? Aside from technology being the way of the future. I decided to give you a few (5 actually, because any more would be too much?) reasons why.

  1. Save between 40-70% on your purchase. You have just had your eye test done. You are standing next to a shop assistant who is showing you frames in a certain section of the shop. "Why am I staring at frames that my grandma would wear?" Mostly that's because your medical aid only pays for X amount. Which only entitles you to be shopping in that section without having to fork out more cash. Buying online offers you the opportunity to save anything from 40-70% on eyewear.
  2. Buying online is much faster. You need your glasses for that all important meeting on Friday, or your best friend's wedding on Saturday? Typically spectacle orders take anything from 7-14 working days, meaning you would have to wait in the queue unfortunately. With the nature of online business your spectacles can be with you within 2-5 working days. Cutting your waiting time by almost three times. 
  3. Free delivery to your door. You've ordered your glasses from the shop and you finally get the call to collect them (see point 2). Your day is jam-packed with to-do's and you went to the shop on the other side of town for more options on frames. Buying online means you will get your glasses delivered to your door, saving you both time and juice.
  4. Choose at your leisure. You chose a frame that you really like. You get home and your friends start laughing at you (I'm exaggerating, because friends shouldn't do that). The person who assisted you in the shop had convinced you that this was the most flattering model for you. AND you believed them. I mean, how could you possibly choose from the hundreds of frames in the store? After trying on 18 frames and not remembering which one you liked more. Buying online allows you the freedom to take your time and consider any purchase, as opposed to having to make a decision in the 15 minutes in the shop.
  5. Ootrey is different. Literally and figuratively. Ootrey's frames and lenses are hand-picked by a qualified optician. The end product is something unique and custom made just for you. It allows you the opportunity to wear a South African born brand which is on par with the best in the world.

Okay...I know. Number 5 was a bit of a punt, but I'll take them where I can. How would you feel about purchasing your prescription spectacles online?

 online prescription glasses on laptop


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  • Specs 123

    Nice blog!!! We also offer lens and specs online including high quality brands with UK FREE delivery.

  • Melissa Javan


  • Ranique

    Colourful and fun!
    Bonus = Lokal is lekker!

  • Ootrey

    Hi Farah! Love the way you think…wink wink.

  • Farah Mohamed

    This is definitely fresh and I cannot wait to be a customer.

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