Blue light may be bad for your eyes

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This is probably some creative sales pitch to get us to buy some new lens coating...right? it's not. So why would blue light be bad for me all of a sudden you may ask? We did some diggin'.

Visible light is made up of a spectrum of colours starting from long wavelength red to shorter wavelength blue. Beyond the visible blue light spectrum, we get UV light. Yes, the same stuff that gives you a tan or makes you look like a red lobster. Recently, clever lab coats (scientists), found that a certain band of the blue light spectrum reaches the retina and too much exposure causes cell damage. Though not confirmed, this damage looks very similiar to the early stages of macular degeneration.

Along with the damage this causes, we are also more prone to eye strain. Ever feel like your desktop screen goes blurry, or you have blood-shot eyes after work or perhaps an inexplicable headache at night? These could be caused by over exposure to blue light.

You are probably reading this on your smartphone/lcd screen, after which you will probably go on social media, watch your favourite show on your flatscreen TV and...okay, get where I'm going? Digital devices emit high levels of blue light. We are living in an age where we spend anything between 7-10 hours per day in front of these devices. I'll let that sink in for a bit... Ootrey Blue Light Infographic


7-10 hours of a 24 hour day!


Even smartphone manufacturers have begun to address this issue. My smartphone has a feature which makes the display yellowish, to alleviate some of the brightness from the screen. Lens makers have also introduced coatings that block the harmful light we are exposed to. These blue-blocking coatings are like a starred shield to defer incoming rays.

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Were you familiar with the dangers of digital displays? Struggling with eye strain? Let us know in the comments below.




  • Ootrey

    Hi Maverick…yes it is a fairly new technology in terms of lens coatings. Very necessary nowadays though. Thanks for the read!

  • Maverick


    I often use a blue light filter app when using my phone, particularly at night. Didn’t know you get a coating for it. Cool stuff!

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