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This Friday, Stephen King's novel, "IT" the movie hits the SA theatres. The mini series released yonks ago gave me and millions around the world Coulrophobia. So with this movie event coming up, I thought I'd share with you my list of horror characters/entities that left me either with a scarred childhood or a few sleepless nights.

  1. IT. I recently revisited the 90's mini series and was left a bit disappointed. It is nowhere near as scary as my 12 year old self remembers it and quite frankly it was rubbish...BUT the fact that I wouldn't go near this series until recently is proof enough that Pennywise the clown left his mark on me.
  2. The Exorcist. I get shivers just thinking about this movie. A child possessed by an evil entity, has become a bit of a horror cliche, but this 1973 classic probably inspired everything that followed. Lets just say that me and a friend went to watch the remastered version (with subliminal flickering...jeez) in varsity and I wasn't ready for the sleepless nights that followed.
  3. Halloween. Picture five 12-14 year old boys watching the original 1978 classic in a dark room. One of boys' younger brother was watching with, probably 6 or 7 at the time. He starts screaming frantically during the movie! Lets just say it felt the white-masked killer, Michael Myers was lurking behind every bush and dark corner at the time. There is something very frightening about a killer who says nothing and shows no emotion.
  4. Paranormal Activity. You ever hear that saying: "the unseen enemy is a dangerous enemy"? Well I think it should be changed to "the unseen enemy is a freakin' scary enemy!" First time watching this, my sister and I literally had to take breaks between scares. Doubt she ever finished watching it.
  5. The Conjuring. Recently horror movies have been a bit thin on scares...Wife and I watched this one together and halfway through, our bathroom light started flickering and stopped working. Next day had electrician come check wiring, found nothing wrong and then light miraculously started working again. Uhmm. Clap clap. Yes. True story.

A few honourable mentions Freddie Krueger, Event Horizon, Texas Chainsaw Massacre and Blair Witch Project...

Will you be going to watch the new IT movie this weekend? What movies left you petrified?

Let us know below.

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