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Decoding your eyewear prescription

In South Africa, we get an eye examination done by an optometrist or ophthalmologist and usually we purchase a pair of glasses from the same store. Many of us never bother to ask for the examination results/prescription. If you have, good for you, because a month from now your puppy might have a knibble on your glasses. Having your prescription on hand, saves you a call to the optometrist and also opens the door to shopping around for the best deals. But what do all those numbers on the prescription actually mean? Here's what a typical prescription looks like: OD:  +1.25 DS OS:  +0.75 -1.50 x 85 ADD:  +1.25  PD:  65   OD (oculus dextrus) and OS (oculus sinister) refers...

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The truth about the cost of glasses

Prescription eyewear is expensive. Even those lucky enough to have medical aid, often find themselves in situations where co-payments are required. So here is the conundrum...why should a pair of glasses cost as much (sometimes more) as my smartphone/laptop/tv? Well, if you want the quick answer...it shouldn't have to be! We are all brand loyal, so often you pay a premium for labelled products. Spectacle frames are no different. Famous brands like Chanel, Vogue, Versace are usually hot favourites. What you probably don't know is that many of these frames are manufactured by one company. In return for this, they pay these fashion houses a royalty fee for use of their label. Wholesalers are then usually able to distribute these...

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10 Questions with: Eleanor Douglas-Meyers (JustEllaBella)

A while ago we were looking for a "brand ambassador". A term a bit too "squarepants" for us. Think of it more as a fellow four-eyed spirit who embodies everything our brand stands for...uniqueness, quirkiness, creativeness and you know..."breaking the bounds of what's considered proper".   Meet "L" aka Eleanor Douglas-Meyers, aka JustEllaBella.   If you had to explain to an alien who you are and what you do…what would you say? I feel like if I had to encounter an alien my CV would be the last thing on my mind. I’d say I am definitely not tasty and don’t do well in confined spaces, like a glass jar or in display in an alien zoo for instance.(insert blank...

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