The truth about the cost of glasses

The truth about cost of glasses

Prescription eyewear is expensive. Even those lucky enough to have medical aid, often find themselves in situations where co-payments are required. So here is the conundrum...why should a pair of glasses cost as much (sometimes more) as my smartphone/laptop/tv? Well, if you want the quick shouldn't have to be!

  • We are all brand loyal, so often you pay a premium for labelled products. Spectacle frames are no different. Famous brands like Chanel, Vogue, Versace are usually hot favourites. What you probably don't know is that many of these frames are manufactured by one company. In return for this, they pay these fashion houses a royalty fee for use of their label.
  • Wholesalers are then usually able to distribute these lines to optometrists. This of course means, costs like warehousing, distribution and the likes are added to the selling price.
  • Running a busy optometric practice costs money, like any other business. Staff salaries, rent, insurance and the likes are necessary expenses. This means costs are worked into the final selling price to you.
  • Medical aids have become increasingly more expensive to afford. Surely it should cover a pair of prescription glasses? Recommended rates for lenses are usually pitched at such a high level, that you either need to be on a comprehensive medical plan or take a big chunk out of your savings. Add a few bells and whistles and you can kiss that new smart TV goodbye.

At the end of the day you have to decide what is best for YOU. Glasses are for many an essential. It is something you wear for the biggest part of your day, so naturally you would want the best. Our glasses are often the first thing people notice when they meet you, so we also want something that speaks to who you are. This is probably why you are prepared to pay such a premium, BUT have you made an informed decision? Are you familiar with the options available? 

This is why Ootrey was born. For too long the gift of sight has been unattainable to most. We believe we have found the perfect balance of quality, affordability, style and convenience. Give us a try...I dare you!




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