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Ahh! That famous slogan by former American president Obama. Simple words, but very motivating and inspiring. So what questions are we answering you may ask? Well, it is "what services Ootrey's Online Opticianry offer"?

  • I don't have medical aid...Can you help? We are a vertically integrated company, meaning no middle man, meaning you pay less.
  • I have my own frame, can I use that instead? Yes, drop us a mail and we can arrange for a collection.
  • I saw a frame I like in a shop, can you get it? We can source most frames/similar designs for you.
  • I really like a frame on the site, but I'm worried it won't fit me? See our Home Try-On offer.
  • I don't have a prescription, but I really want an Ootrey frame. We offer "frame only" deals. Simply drop us a mail and tell us which frame tickles your fancy.
  • I have medical aid. We are in the process of trying to assist medical aid clients. In the meantime, we provide a detailed invoice which can be claimed back from your medical aid.
  • I have medical aid, but my co-payment is in excess of R1000. Ootrey offers frame, prescription single vision lenses and free delivery for R899.
  • My optometrist prescribed a specific lens for my needs. Can you get it? We offer the latest lens technology from some of the best laboratories in the country.

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