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What do I need to order?

Before you can place an order, you will need a valid prescription (no older than 2 years), from your preferred optometrist. Ensure that your PD (pupillary distance - the distance between your pupils) is included in your script. You can then either upload a copy or scan and mail to with your full name as reference. 

What lenses do you offer?

We supply mid-index 1.56 clear lenses with an anti-reflection coating as our baseline offering. This lens is thinner and lighter than its conventional counterparts and offers 100% UV protection. The coating carries a one year warranty against defects. Please note scratches are not considered a defect. 

Our SunActive lenses are an all inclusive option if you would like the benefits of sunglasses with prescription eyewear in one purchase. These lenses will darken to a dark grey tint when exposed to UV rays (So you don't have to worry about them going dark when you're in a really bright room). *Anti-reflective coatings not included for this package, but can be added at an additional cost - should you wish to add this to your purchase please mail for costings.

Our sunglass option is available in our baseline offering. Tint colours are available in grey, brown and green.

I have a really high prescription, will this cost more?

Our base offering covers prescriptions from a +4.00 to -6.00, it is recommended that anything outside of this be done in a higher indexed material. Please email and we will gladly assist you with the available options. 

How long will my glasses take?

Prescription orders should be delivered to your door within 5 working days of placing your order. Should you need your glasses before an out of town trip in a hurry, drop us a mail and we will gladly assist in any way possible. 

Do you do bifocals and multifocals?

Due to the technical nature of these products this offering is not available online. But should you reside in Port Elizabeth, please make contact with us at to arrange for a fitting. 

Do I have to pay for shipping?

Shipping is on us for all our online packages! YAY!

I have medical aid, can I use this to pay for my glasses?

Currently we are not affiliated with medical aids, you can however claim your purchase back from your medical aid with a detailed invoice provided by us. Please note that reimbursements may vary depending on your medical scheme benefits. 

What if I can't see with my glasses?

Typically it takes a few days to adjust to a new prescription, if thereafter you are still having problems please email us at, and we will assist as best we can. We do not take responsibility for any errors with your prescription. 

What does the sizing mean?

 ootrey sizing

How do I return my glasses?

We accept returns within the first 14 days, email us at


In case you haven't already found what you were looking for, and aren't sure you can email us at, yes! That email again -