So, why Ootrey?


As a boy growing up in Graaff-Reinet, Ian was your typical geeky child. He was a straight A student, who played in the chess club and did some outdoor cricket here and there. He can't recall the exact day or when he met "Uncle Newton" after whom he was named (Ian Newton). But the image of a man with shaded glasses in the lounge of their family home, moving around with a white cane somehow stuck in his mind. 

Although Uncle Newton died when Ian was still a boy, the idea of a man without sight stayed with him. So much so that it inspired him to study optics. He finished his Optical Dispensing Diploma in Cape Town and continued to work for two of the biggest ophthalmic lens manufacturers in the world. After 17 years, Ian has decided to take the leap, challenge the status-quo and with that give his dreams a run for their money. And so Ootrey was born... 

Ootrey Blue Logo


The word Ootrey is derived from the word outré - which means "passing the bounds of what is considered normal and proper; unconventional and bizarre". As an unconventional lad himself Ian would like to bring something with a little more uniqueness than your average frames. An experience to give you the ability to display some of your alter ego too.

More than this, Ian's passions lie with bringing sight to the masses. Currently 17,4% of South Africans are able to afford medical aid. This leaves a whopping 82,6% unable to afford this necessity. With this in mind,  Ootrey's goal is to bring affordable and desirable eyecare to your door. Without you having to leave the comfort of your home or office - online prescription eyewear. 

If you would like to get in contact with Ian regarding your own Ootrey eyewear please call him on 082 824 8857, or mail him at

Go on get your Ootrey on, and let us know which persona suits you!